Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday Weigh-In

I lost 2.5 pounds this week for a total of 47.6 pounds gone.  Yeah baby.

Confession time.  Two days ago, in my "The Perfect Place for a Fall Picnic" post, I didn't post a photo of us eating at the picnic table because I was mad that I looked fat in the photo.  I mean, I know I'm still overweight, but darn it, I've lost 45 plus pounds now and I should start looking a little LESS fat, right?!

Then I remembered THE PHOTO.  The photo that spurred me into taking action about my weight.  It was taken on Mother's Day.  Usually on Mother's Day, I have Jay take a few photos of me and the kids in a nice setting, for posterity's sake.  But this last Mother's Day, I just felt too ugly to be a part of those kind of pictures.  I didn't tell my kids or Jay that I was feeling that way, I just had Jay take a photo of us at the dinner table with the beautiful dinner they had made me.

BIG MISTAKE!  It was a terrible angle!  A side shot of me sitting down...ugh!  It's the exact same angle that is in the picnic photo.  Which got me thinking.  Would I be able to tell a difference in my weights between the two photos?  I compared the two, and felt better...and worse.  I felt better because I could definitely tell a difference.  I felt worse because I couldn't believe how big I had let myself become. 

It is with extreme embarrassment that I'm posting these photos today.  Maybe it will help someone who is struggling with THEIR weight.

Picnic Photo

Mother's Day Photo

I started my quest on May 30th.  It is now October 31st.  Please tell me you can see a difference!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party

We were invited to a friend's Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party on Saturday night.  She provided the patterns and carving tools.  For an hour and a half we talked, ate, and carved.  Actually, I just talked.  You would not believe the good food I refrained from eating!  Camille and Kevin did the carving on our pumpkin, which turned out pretty great!

After all the pumpkins were carved, there was a vote for the best one in both the categories of "freestyle" and "patterned".  Here are my favorites.

I voted for this one is the patterned category.

Here it is in the light.  I loved the teeth.

This is the one Camille and Kevin carved.

I voted for this one in the freestyle category.

So who won?

Camille and Kevin!  Their prize was a $10 gift card to Cold Stone Creamery.  

It was a fun way to celebrate Halloween. 

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Monday, October 29, 2012

The Perfect Place for a Fall Picnic

On our last day up in Pine, AZ, we decided to hike Horton's Creek.  We picked up sandwiches at Subway to eat along the trail, and headed for FR 289 via AZ 260-E.  But when we got to the parking lot for the trail, we were pleasantly surprised to see picnic tables scattered throughout a beautiful grove of autumn colored trees.  AND a creek running below with rocks to climb around on.  So after we had explored the little paths within the grove, and played in the water a bit, we sat down to eat our lunch. 

This is the tree at that leads to the picnic grove.

Horton Creek

 After we explored the area and ate our lunch, we crossed the bridge on the North side of the parking lot and started the actual hike.  The first part of the trail was stunning.  The rest of it was pretty but not spectacular like the picnic grove.  The Horton Creek Trail is 4 miles one way but I think we only hiked about a mile before we turned around and went back to the picnic grove and the creek. 

Things you should know about Horton Creek Trail (at least the first mile of it)
1.  It has a steady gradual incline.
2.  A lot of it is in the sun.

Here are some pics I took along the way...

The very start of the trail is a rocky descent.

Once at the bottom, you walk through a lush shady portion of woods.

Everyone went ahead of me because I wanted to take pictures.  Except my little friend here who stayed with me to keep me company.

The kids were always way ahead of the adults.  They'd rest until we caught up and then charge ahead again.  You can see from this pic that the trail at times was pretty rocky.  If I can do it, anybody can.  However, I wouldn't recommend a stroller. 

Eventually you come to this gate.  Go through it.

A short side trail down to the creek.
Coming out of the woods and hiking through the grass.  That's when it started getting hot.  After a while the views weren't worth our heat discomfort, so we turned around and went back the way we came. 

Spooky Halloween tree!

I love the colors on this butterfly.

The trail goes through the rocks and under the branch.

So pretty!

Last climb before the end of the trail.

Family photo after the hike when I was good and sweaty.

Walking back to the picnic grove.  Once you get behind the barrier, turn right, walk over the bridge and you'll see the parking lot with a restroom on the left.

Once we got back to the picnic grove, the kids went back down to the creek and I took more photos of the surrounding autumn beauty.

Jay took a little nap.

Camille helping my little friend cross the creek.


I think Alligator Juniper trees have the coolest trunks!


To get to the Horton Creek Picnic Area from Payson, AZ:  Take AZ 260-E about 16.5 miles and turn left onto FR 289 (Tonto Creek Road).  There was construction when we were there and no sign so we missed it and had to turn around.  There WAS a sign going west.  Drive .8 miles and park in parking lot that says Horton Creek on the board.  You will pass another parking lot on the way, but don't stop there.  Both parking lots have restrooms.  The picnic area is south of the restroom.  The hike is north of the parking lot.  Walk turning right out of the parking lot, go over the bridge, and it will be to your left. 

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