Monday, March 25, 2013

Wildflower Hike at Lost Dutchman State Park

Hey!  Look who can post photos again!  Yippee!

This last Saturday, Jay, Kevin, and I drove 30 minutes from our house in Mesa, AZ to Lost Dutchman State Park in Apache Junction, AZ.  (Camille was in Southern California with her school band.)  The goal was to hike amongst some wildflowers.  In years past, this state park has seen a plethora of Mexican Poppies and I was excited to see them.  As we got closer to our destination, I was disappointed by the lack of wildflowers along the highway.  Even when we pulled into the park, there weren't a lot around.

We asked the ranger to recommend a good wildflower hike.  She told us to take the Treasure Loop trail to the Jacob's Crosscut trail and then turn left at Prospector's View Trail.  We ended up doing the first two, but then went a little farther on Jacob's Crosscut trail to the Siphon Draw trail because Jay and Kevin had done that one before and loved it.  I loved it too!  AND, we found wildflowers!

Starting out.

Park at the Saguaro Day Use Parking Lot.  The Treasure Loop trail head is next to the parking lot.

Saguaro and Hanging Fruit Cholla

After about .5 miles, turn right on Jacob's Crosscut Trail.

Lots of brittlebush in bloom.

Jacob's Crosscut Trail cuts parallel to the mountain.

See the rocks sticking up on the left?  They're called "Praying Hands".

Finally we see some poppies!

The wildflowers at the intersection of Jacob's Crosscut Trail and Prospector's View Trail were gorgeous!

We keep going to the Siphon Draw Trail.

We turned left at the Siphon Draw trail.

This trail starts off at a gradual incline and soon enters a spectacular canyon.
The view to the east.

The first globemallow of the hike.  (Orange flowers)

That rock jutting out way above Jay's head is "Flatiron".  This trail can take you all the way up there if you desire.  I did not desire.

The farther the trail goes, the steeper and rockier it gets.

I'm not sure what this rock is called, but we hiked just a little bit farther past it.

About this far past it!  ;)
That rock formation below Flatiron is called "Dinosaur Head".

Springtime in the desert!
On our way down now.

Looking behind us again.

Happy hikers.

One more group photo.

A look behind again.

When we got back to that wildflower intersection again, there was a mom and dad taking pictures of their toddler daughter surrounded by all the wildflowers.  Too cute!

"Praying Hands" zoomed in.

Definitely a hike I recommend!

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  1. It does make my heart smile to see all those flowers! Hooray for posting pictures again!

  2. These are all fabulous, but my fave is the one of Jay & Kevin at the top of a path next to a cactus. You get a real sense of just how huge those things are!